Cause Of Water Pollution In The Great Lakes

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Water Pollution in the Great Lakes | Carter BrownleeSNC 1D1October 14, 2013 | Introduction The Great Lakes are the world’s number one source of freshwater supply. They contain thousands of species and organisms all thriving together in an ecosystem. The food chain is the value of life and labels how one organism eats another to survive. As humans we are eminent and principle in status on or in the food chain, meaning we are the largest target when it comes to bio amplification. When we contaminate our lakes and fresh water sources, comparatively the Great Lakes, we are tarnishing our own drinking water and all living organisms within its community. Pollutants are having a largely negative effect on the ecosystems within the Great Lakes…show more content…
It did so as the river was so heavily polluted from an oil spill a few months back. As this happened, all the pollution was heading downstream towards Lake Erie. This was an alarming wakeup call that made people realize how bad the condition of the lakes were. Pollution in the lakes has always been a concern to people since the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899. That law was in place to prevent any litter or debris that could cause problematic issues to shipping lanes. It wasn’t until that fire in 1969 that people started to realize the ecological problems to their actions and that is they were causing harm to the…show more content…
As pollutants are created, action plans can be put in place to clean them up regularly; damage control. Keeping a better watch on balance within the ecosystems would be a helpful tactic to knowing when too many pollutants are making the ecosystems out of balance. If people knew when there are too many pollutants within an ecosystem, it would create opportunities to move in and manage the situations. All that is needed to maintain the pollution within the lakes is effort to not pollute the environments and a communal effort to maintain the pollution created. Conclusion Pollution within the Great Lakes is a serious problem that effects the ecosystems within the lakes and has effects on humans as well. These pollutants are causing problems that are preventable and need to be and are being looked after by the governments. Actions can be taken to control our harm to the lakes and we need to outweigh the negatives to our actions over the positives. It is not blatantly seen, but our actions towards the way we treat the environment has an ecological impact all throughout the world.

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