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The Causes of War: A Calendar War War is an international relations dispute, characterized by organized violence between national military units. An interaction, in which two or more militaries have a struggle of wills. Now the main thought through this chapter is if a certain season will heighten the chance of war. It is also thought in this chapter that if a national festival, such as the Olympic Games or a nations anniversary, will give in to the chances of war. A war will only come about if certain things align. A nation must be confident in its will to impose its ways on another. Also, a nation wanting to go to war must have the support of its leadership, its military forces, and the population. And, of course, a nation must of the power and money to support any sort of war. If all these align then the military are going to have to come up with tactics and strategies on invading and hopefully dominating. As it is shown in the book the warmer seasons, spring and summer, have been proven to be when the majority of wars have started. “It is clear that the warmer months favored an invader. In those months the drier roads and quieter rivers aided the mobility of large armies and their cumbersome artillery. An army could more easily forage food for men and gorses along the way. As the days were longer the soldiers could advance more rapidly: night fighting was virtually unknown until the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5. As the weather was milder the morale and perhaps the health of troops could also be maintained more easily.” Geoffrey Blainey, pg. 98. But why start a war in the winter? Winter provides more obstacles, such as snow, ice, the bitter cold, and if needed quick aid could be impossible. To attack in the winter you must have certain tactics planned out. Like the Japanese had in 1904 against the Russians. The new Trans-Siberian railway was the main

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