Cause Of Traffice Congestion

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I have been living this city in my life. Recently I decide to move to another town. The reason I leave this city is I can’t bear the traffic congestion every day. The news also reported traffic congestion problem lately. The city of Lindsay needs to change traffic congestion as soon as possible. The reasons to cause the traffic congestion are increased vehicles and lack of development of the road and lack of public transportations. Firstly, more competition occurs in auto industry now, vehicles price are affordable for people to buy. Therefore, more people will purchase vehicles instead of walk or take public transit. A recent survey showed there are 40% increased those family purchase vehicles than 5% in 1998. You can see vehicles in anywhere in this small town. I have a friend just moved here from other town, she thinks it is a fashion to buy car no matter how close her apartment to her office. Secondly, this city needs to build more roads and bridges to fit the increased vehicles. However that’s not the case. I still can count roads and bridges in this town since I am living here. More buildings are coming up but not new roads build. No one even fix the broken part of road and develop it . One night when I drove by the Nan Road and because of the road narrows I was stuck there for hours by a traffic accident. Lastly, The City needs to increase more bus routes especially in traffic peak time. Therefore it could solve potential traffic congestion problems. Such as it needs to increase more buses routes at after school hours in Main high school area and increase more buses routs from the airport to the train station and downtown area. One day my car was in the body shop so I had to take bus to go home but I waited for hours to get home because there are not enough buses pass by. In conclusion, cause of traffic congestion are increased of driving

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