Cause Of Illiteracy Essay

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Causes of Illiteracy Do you know what illiteracy is? Do you know what causes illiteracy? Being an illiterate person means not knowing how to read and write. The number of people who cannot read or write is rising quickly. Many students who graduate from high school have limited vocabularies, and below normal reading and writing skills. Some have never read a book. The majority cannot write grammatically correct sentences. Most of jobs require reading and writing necessary skills because of sharp development of technology. More jobs are for literate people, and less of them are for people without any slight reading or writing knowledge. [There are things that can cause illiteracy around the world.] This is a huge problem that everyone should realize. First is Bad Influence, it is something or someone that teaches others to do wrong or to make them have bad thoughts about someone or encourages wrong actions and thoughts by example. It causes illiteracy because it makes people become uninterested in attending school and not even studying their lessons. Also, their priority is friend who becomes bad influence. Next is Laziness which is the one of the common problems that causes illiteracy. It is a bad characteristic that can follow you throughout your life and it can only affect you in a negative manner. It causes illiteracy because it makes people feel being tired of studying and not even listening to the lectures of the teacher. This trait is one of the most common and most harmful. Lastly, poverty is one of the common problems of people in today’s society. Many people today cannot study because they cannot afford the tuition fee of the school and only few people are given scholarships. Illiteracy is a big problem in this world. The effects of illiteracy may lead people to become criminals. People must know that studying is
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