Cause of Divorce Essay

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Cause of Divorce Why do people get divorce? Every relationship is different, but the reason why some couples get divorced as not as varied as you might think. In some cases, divorce is specific to a couple’s relationship, their life experiences, and at times their own troubles. Many different factors can cause a couple to get a divorce. Statistics have proven that couples that cohabitate before marriages are more likely to end in a divorce. It is fair to say that there is no one specific cause of divorce. Some common factors that can cause a divorce are the lack of communication, financial issues, and infidelity. I have witnessed many relationships that have failed and ended in divorce because of the lack of communication. For instance, a couple that I had known for years were getting a divorce because she was no longer getting any form of communication with her husband. If he would get upset, he would not speak or express himself in no shape of form. Now, as adults we know that a relationship is like a sports team, or a crew ship. If you do not have clear instructions, or directions then the team nor crew will do well. They argued constantly, but he would just give her the cold shoulder or he would give her the “bury your head in the sand” response. Now, she had already known prior to their marriage that he did not have a tendency to communicate well with her. They never really discussed aspects that were personally important to one another. This couple, as well as many other couples, put little weight on pre-marital issues only to later realize that they never had really put things in black and white. Therefore, their communication issues before marriage got worse after getting married. How many marriages end in divorce because of money? One major cause of divorce and disagreement between couples is of course, financial issues. The Rodriquez family

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