Cause Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullies tend to be motivated by many different things. From anger at their victims to frustration with the world around them, cyberbullies often have a jumble of emotions that lead them to harass victims. Some cyberbullies even attack victims for entertainment or power. With so many aspects of technology at any given bully's disposal, cyberbullying is neither difficult nor uncommon. Causes of cyber bullying can be mainly divided into two aspects, personal and social. Personally, peoples’ misunderstanding and the thought of criticism can be the major cause of cyber bullying. For instance, when teens were asked why they think others cyberbully, 81 percent said that it’s funny. Other teens believe that youth who cyberbully don’t think it’s a big deal and never think about the consequences. Some of them are encouraged by friends and ridiculously thinking they won’t get caught. Such misunderstandings are acting as a catalyst of cyberbullying and even worsen it. As for criticism, people always criticize others, motivated by self- centering and unpleasantly pressed destructive emotions. People have an overly high sense of self protecting and seek for conformity. Nowadays, people mainly uphold negative thinking and seldom appreciate others. In fact, they criticize. This psychological behavior has been spotted and investigated for a certain period. But the relationship between criticism and cyber bullying is found in this late stage. In addition, stress from society also causes the occurrence of cyber bullying. People, especially the working class, are living in a tensional situation. They cannot and will not press their fury when they see others making mistakes. Therefore, there are always people participating in the discussions mentioned above. Similarly, the victims are either depressed and disappear, or transfer their pressure onto other victims—it is an insane

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