Cause & Effects of Human Trafficking Essay

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A common cause of human trafficking and the exploitation of minors, more often, young women are poverty and exclusion. “Many of these unfortunate victims of human trafficking may not be aware that they will be forced into commercial sex” (In a lot of cases trafficked persons have migrated from different countries that already have problems with poverty. If we consider the gender aspects, women and girls have less access to education, jobs, or social service than men. Traffickers benefit from people in situations where they are seeking a better life in a different country but don’t have the capabilities to travel and find work. Men are also victimized into emigrating and selling their labor force. Young African women and children are being sent to Europe and the Middle East for commercial sex exploitation. It’s unfortunately a very common method of taking victims from their homeland to a place that they know nothing about, making them now even more isolated and lost. They are often misled by false promises of steady employment as “housemaids, shopkeepers, seamstresses, nannies or hotel service positions and attendants in the major European countries and are eventually forced into prostitution on getting to the destination” (Africa Files – Ade Adenekan). These unfortunate victims have their passports and other documents that would otherwise allow them to travel are taken once they arrive in their destination area so they have no chance of getting on the next plane, boat, or car to get back home. Often times if they are caught trying to escape they will be beaten or endure serious bodily harm. In Africa, where human trafficking is at an all time high some areas like Ghana, Togo, and Mali about one-third of the population were “enslaved” or held captive from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s. While those numbers have greatly depreciated there are still “slaves” in

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