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Cause And Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: belsheim518
  • on October 1, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Cause or effect essay

Too many people have sat aside and watched others abuse animals with little or not punishment for their actions. Why is this accepted in life? I have known people personally in my life that have abused and even killed animals. My best friend and her brother stabbed a cat to death with a pitchfork, another person I know drug their dog behind his snowmobile until it died and killed his other dog by giving it anti freeze. Neither of them where punished. Why is this allowed?
There is a link between animal abuse and criminals. The ARK shows violent criminals that have committed crimes against people have claimed that they abused animals in their childhood. Cannibal Jeffery Dahmer killed his neighbor’s pets and even impaled a dogs head on a stick when he was a child. The “Son of Sam” shot his neighbors dog for no reason. The woman that shot into a crowd of children, killing two of them,use to set dogs and cats tails on fire when she was younger. Carol Cole (who killed 35 people) admitted that his first violence was strangling a puppy. I think that people that torture animals should go to jail or an insane asylum. It’s proven that killers abused animals before they begin to want to hurt humans. I think people that abuse animals are trying to feel better about them selves. They want to feel that they have power over something. Animals are a great way of doing that because they can’t fight back. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to try to get them help before they had a chance to hurt more animals and eventually a person?
A lot of people don’t think that animal abusers shouldn’t be punished because animals aren’t that important. If a person did what some do to animals they would be put on death row. Yet they aren’t even punished. The government is trying to pass a bill that will set animal abuse as a felony. I hope they pass this law so that innocent animals aren’t killed just because the owner doesn’t want them.
Another thing that happens from...

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