Cause and Effect Relationship

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Name Professor ENC 1101 Date Cause–and-Effect essay “How Break-ups occur” A relationship is usually viewed as a connection between two individuals, such as a romantic relationship between a man and women. The conception of relationship encompasses a variety of emotions and emotional closeness. Therefore the lack of many of these emotions can lead to an end of a relationship. Depending on how the relationship is built the leading cause to an end of a relationship may differ, but in relationships there is often a key to maintain a relationship. The three important things that should be avoided are dishonesty, not having a strong communication ethic with your partner, and having very little or even no common interest in likes, dislikes and social standings. In most cases if any of these three keys are broken it usually leads to an end of a relationship. Dishonesty can be defined as deceitfulness shown in someone's character or behavior. Therefore if one partner is dishonest to the other, the trust between two individuals is broken. Most things that is or is could said in the future can usually be questioned. Once a lie is said it is hard for a person to believe that the next thing they hear from that person is the truth. Dishonesty also causes doubt in a relationship. It can make a person feel a little insecure with them self. Once the seed of doubt is planted and a person is insecure it can lead to an emotional withdraw from one partner to the other. In short being dishonest can lead to pain and it could create a gap. Once that gap is there it is hard to come back from therefore causing an individual to question their relationship or ending it. Therefore with dishonesty being one reason a person would break up with their partner it would be advised to avoid it. Now knowing that dishonesty should be avoided. The second cause that could have an effect on a
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