Cause And Effect Immigration

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The North American peninsula is home to tens of millions of aliens from a wide range of different countries, and as such, is often called the “melting pot” of the world by many. This may be due to its progressively increasing rate of immigration (be it legal or otherwise) since the mid 1800’s. However, one may only inquire as to why such a large number of people had taken an interest in the United States. It is probable to reason that the causes consist of mainly economic matters, though the widespread opportunities for work along with promises of equality most certainly took a role. However, as the United States takes in new citizens, long-term effects tend to surface. Many people question as to whether immigration is good for the country. Generally speaking, it may be. In fact, many of the benefits seem to almost outweigh many negative results. Some of the most intellectual and hard working individuals, who are not satisfied with their own native countries, bring their knowledge and skills to the United States. Some countries cannot offer the limitless opportunities that the United States offers. For example, businesses can be started; you can become educated and earn a high-salary career. Many people in other countries have desired the same things we have: living wealthy and the feeling of living the” American dream”. America offers many ways for a person to potentially become great. It gives struggling people all over the world an opportunity for a better life. This country was built on immigrants who sought opportunities, political & religious freedom, and many other principle rights. Sooner or later in this debate we need to set aside the question of whether it's good for America and look at the point of view of the immigrant. Think of a place where you could be killed for practicing your beliefs. Or what about getting paid the same regardless of how
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