Cause and Effect Essay

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Joining the Game Panic Oliver writes, “No one knows who invented panic, or when it first began” (6). Lauren Oliver wrote panic, a book about a legendary game played by graduating seniors, where the stakes are high and the payoff is even higher because the challenges were difficult. The town of Carp was a poverty stricken area, several graduating seniors were motivated to play the game because the pot was sixty seven thousand dollars. Even though money was the main motivation to join the game, there are other reason why one might join the game. We will discuss the reason why Heather, Dodge and Natalie joined the game, and what effects the game had on them. We will discuss why heather joined the game and what effects the game had on her. The First reason Heather joined the game was when Matt broke up with her for another girl, which distracted her from thinking about him. Oliver writes “When Matt had dumped her, she had understood for the first time that she was a complete and total nobody” (32). Since Matt had an effect on Heather, Heather felt like she needed to join the game to get some attention from other people because she felt like a nobody. She needed to prove herself that she is somebody and that the game will help. Not only did Heather join because she needed attention and something to distract herself from thinking about Matt, but also Heather joined because the money was big and she needed to provide for herself and her sister. The reason why is because Heather and her sister Lily lived in a trailer park with their mom who didn’t care for them; she was a drug addict. Both Heather and Lily escaped from their mom and started to live in the car. Due to joining the game, Heather was faced in challenging situations: jumping off a cliff, walking on a plank, going to Trigger Happy Jacks house, playing Russian roulette, surviving a night at the Graybill

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