Cause and Effect Divorce Essay

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Prof. Wenzell English 120 20 March 2012 Paper #2 The Effects of Divorce in Children According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, fifty percent of all marriages end up in divorce and about half of those divorcing families include minor children. There is no doubt that the effects of a divorce are absolutely painful for both the parents and the children. Divorce is definitely traumatic experience for a children’s life. During a divorce, children are not always considered during the settlement. It is almost always difficult and stressful on children—most would rather have their parents not separate. There are many aspects of a children’s life after a parental divorce that could significantly be affected. There are potential effects and some apply to certain age groups more than others. They may also suffer from psychological, behavioral, emotional and economic hardship than children raised in two-parent families. So how are children affected by divorce? What are the factors in divorcing families that contribute to children having difficulties later on in their life? The answers are not simple but rather complex. Although the effects of divorce on children vary from age and gender, they all suffer from similar issues. At first, a child may not convey how he or she feels about the divorce, but the true emotions of that child eventually surfaces. Parents of the divorce usually make difficult choices with malevolence and anger to one another. A separation usually leaves a dissatisfying taste to their children. It is very difficult for a child, who is usually raised by both parents to all of a sudden having only parent be separated from a family. Children usually lose that of parent’s support—financially and emotionally, especially if it is the mother. “Children are naturally indwelt with the need for both parents. The mother figure fulfills a set

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