Cause and Effect Essay

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Adam Richardson Lakeisha Hudson English 1102 4 September 2013 Reality Behind Self-Hate In today’s society African Americans have so much self-hate and they act as if there are blind to it. No one really knows where they come from. As a result, they kill each other more than any other race in the world. Everybody wants to be light skin with curly or wavy hair. This is because they are ignorant to the fact how powerful they really are. Since the schools they attend are European based knowledge system, they will never know their full capability and understand why they were put into a system to create self-hatred unless they educate themselves and not just depend on the education that is given to them. In Ancient Kemet (Africa) Africans lived as one. They had their own gold, kings, queens and health because of the natural foods that cleanse their minds and electrified their bodies. They were the ones who brought science, mathematics, philosophy, and spiritual belief to the world. The Europeans were jealous of the love they shared for one another and how their unity brought so much power to the earth. They realized there domination will annihilate the white race for eternity and they had to do about it. The Europeans came into Kemet with a religious approach. They soon captured people and brought them to America as slaves. They spoke different languages so they created a neutral language to communicate to each other called Ebonics. Africans were unable to learn how to read and write the European way so that kept them being successful after slavery. It was so hard to make it in life back then to where they started telling themselves “life would be easier if they were born white. This brain washed methods still has an impact on today’s society. African American now hate math and has the poorest math scores statically. They say it is hard and will probably never

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