Cause an Effect Essay

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Akhil Thakkar A Step towards my brighter rewarding future After getting visa for United States, We were winding up everything and getting ready to take off from my nation. It was a good opportunity to improve our life. I was so delighted that I did not pay attention to the fact that I had to leave my homeland. I did not have any other option as I wanted to make my life brighter and successful. In addition there were some other reasons to move from my nation to United States. Essentially, the reason we decided to settle in foreign country was my parents’ expectations and willingness to see myself succeeding. I was nurtured in a family where my parents did everything that they could do for me; they did not care how they had to go through. Proper behavior, respect the elders, honesty and generosity are the customs and traditions that my parents had taught me. When I was little young, I did what I liked to do and never thought what my parents’ expectations are for me. Moreover, I used to get mad on certain occasions. However, now I feel penitence what I have done before and appreciate the way my elders nourished me. I admire their admonition and their quality of being wise. I cannot give it back what my parents have done, but at least I can take a step further to tweak my life by gaining remarkable accomplishments. Obtaining education enhances an individual to live deferential life in society. Hard work is a path of achieving success in educational life. A better education opens the doors of opportunities to excel in our life. For instance, in my nation, getting a job was not easy since there were many competitors who wanted to succeed. In addition there was lack of competent educators and technology in certain schools to provide a competitive education. That is why my parents decided to send me in a foreign country for further studies by getting student visa,

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