Caucasia- Deck Contradicting Himself

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Josh Grozier Period 3 English Ms. Carr Caucasia In America in the 1970’s, racial imbalance was a serious problem that created turbulence for many families. In the story Caucasia by Danzy Senna, Birdies father Deck expressed extremely strong feelings for the subject of race. But he didn’t always have the same belief about it throughout the story, and what he believed in the beginning of the story changed drastically by the end. Deck went from being strongly sided with the Black Pride movement to later believing that race is all an illusion and that skin color should really mean nothing. Though Deck was very wise with his words, he often contradicts himself and changes his beliefs. At the beginning of Caucasia, Deck was a very race-oriented individual who cared deeply about style and he had a monstrous amount of pride for who he was (especially amongst his friends). In the beginning of the story Birdie said “My father always spoke differently around Ronnie. He would switch into slang, peppering his sentences with words like “cat” and “man” and “cool”” (10). This is showing that he was trying to make himself into something he never had been, just to do what he thought was “cool” at the time. Just afterwards Birdie claimed that “In the past year, he had discovered Black Pride (just a few years later than everyone else), and my mother said he was trying to purge himself of his “honkified past”” (10). In other words, apparently Deck wasn’t always so sophisticated and slick, and Birdies mother’s comment sort of hints at Decks past. It may have been a past that Deck was not very proud of. Therefore, Deck is now engulfed in an obsession for the Black Pride movement. This was made very clear when Deck said “Birdie, Cole, do your papa a favor,” he said. “yell ‘Ngawa, Ngawa, Black, Black Powah!’ at those two cats on the corner”’ (10). This truly shows Deck’s beliefs

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