Cats vs Dogs

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Cats vs Dogs Imagine you are sitting down on your couch after a long day of work, and you cooked yourself a magnificent succulent hot dog that you were dying all day for. Then as the scent of the juicy hot dog lingers across your house, you start hearing footsteps, first they sound like two, but then they become louder and louder, then you realize that there are four. They are coming closer and closer, you hear loud barks coming from the other room and in a split second your dog jumps on top of you, and snatches the one and only thing that you desired. As the dog sits there and enjoys your hotdog, you wished you got a cat instead. Dogs are called man’s best friend, but in reality they are just using you for your good food, and free belly rubs. They jump around, and run from room to room, not caring who is in the way. Then they take their long bright red tongue and lick you all over, yet you do not know that they just drank right out of the toilet. Dogs are mischievous animals, they like to toy with your belongings and rip up anything they see. They have to be trained or they will run wild around your house and destroy precious items that are meaningful to you. Dogs are carless animals, who want to get all the attention no matter what the stakes are. Cats are believed to be the rulers of the underworld; they protected the dead from rising, and kept them in line. They were praised by the Egyptians; they kept to themselves and fought of mice that carried diseases. Cats today still keep to themselves; they like to do their own thing. They will never bother you, until they need something, and will never try snatching food out of your hand. When a cat runs around, you can’t hear them move; they are little on their feet. Cats are very loveable pets, they will cuddle up against you to keep warm and purr when they feel safe and happy. Cats love to be affection it to

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