Cats Vs. Dogs

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Daniel McCoy Drew Bixby Core Composition I 10/11/2010 Audience: People looking to buy a new pet Cats vs. Dogs Many people can’t decide what animal to buy when they want to get a new pet. Before you run off and buy a cat instead of a dog, let me tell you why dogs make a better pet. Many people who buy a new pet don’t research the pets, they simply go into a store and buy whatever feels right. That is a very bad decision because if you do look up what you think you want, you might not get what you want at all. Before I go any farther in this I think there is something you should know, I am not anti-cat I’m simply pro-dog. I understand that cats have a couple of good qualities. I have both a cat and a dog so I can relate to both sides of the story, but I do believe that dogs are better and this is why. Dogs can be trained to do things and cats cannot. According to Bradley Trevor Greive, a New York Times best selling author, “On September 11, 2001 many people died and thousands of lives were lost, but there were 17 People at ground zero that didn’t die because of the bravery of search and rescue dogs.” Nobody was saved by a cat on that terrible day. Dogs can be trained to do tricks and to not pee on the floor. When was the last time you seen a “cat show”? Dog shows have and will always be a form of entertainment for us as humans; they are fun to watch and very entertaining. I agree when you first get a puppy it doesn’t know any better not to poop or pee on your nice carpets. Training a dog when it’s young is not hard though. There are many methods of training and many books to help you along. If you have a cat, on the other hand, you can’t train it not to jump on the counters or scratch on the furniture. That’s part of the nature of cats and they have a small brain so it’s just not possible to train a cat in any way. Dogs are better with children and

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