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In my point of view the way i would start out he jamestown colonys would of been alot similar to how they did. To change it up a bit though i would of thrown i modern day twist. First i would of gathered the biggest,strongest, smartest,and most of all toughest carpenters and doctors. That way the conoly would have nice log cabin homes and city buildings. with all the big men around the indians would be scared to even be near a colony.Once the indians didnt bother any one i would have the children and women sent over to start their new life Second for the supplies i would have brought along all my tools for building,digging,gardening, everything need to start a new colony. id make sure everyone in the colony had atleast 1 rifle in there home to insure their safety from any attacks. that way there wouldnt be any deaths from indians or animals. third i would of set up a communist goverment. that way every man, women, and child would be truley equal in every way. No person would be richer then there neighbor along with being poorer then someone else.but along with the communist government i would of also combined it with the democracy we have today. Fourth for the location i would of had the colony built near the ocean that way we would have water after we purify it by boiling it. As for farming goes i would harvest corn,fruit, amongst other foods. Also for making the colony grow large and succesful i would make it a law that for every family they would have to ATLEAST have 1 child that way the colony would never die. All the chilrden would keep having children when they grow older so the great colony of jamestown would last

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