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Running Head: CATINAS’ PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING Catinas’ Philosophy of Nursing Catina Stephenson The University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Nursing 3645 Jeanean Boyd MSN, RN 11-20-12 RN-BSN Professional Nursing Catinas’ Philosophy of Nursing In this paper, I will describe to you what my own personal philosophy of nursing is. I will share with you the reasons why I choose nursing as a profession and why I continue to be a nurse today. Then I will tell you what I feel the essence of nursing is by correlating historical, ethical and/or political factors which influence the professional nursing process today. The later part of this paper will discuss my beliefs and values…show more content…
This is a very good question, one I had to think on for a while. Personally, I think the core of nursing should be as a nurse, your genuine compassion for that patients overall safety and health. I have had nurses tell me “oh, that patient in room 310 is really grumpy and won’t do anything you ask them to do.” But I go in to do my assessment, greet the patient and introduce myself with a huge smile on my face, and will have no problems with the patient. I feel you should not be judge mental towards the patient; you should set your own relationship with them and build your care/goals from…show more content…
I feel that the patient should be included in all decisions concerning their health care. They should be able to function at their ability, and if they’re unable to do something, the nursing staff should be ready and willing to assist them as much as needed. The patient should know their nights and all procedures should be explained to them prior to it being started. I feel like the patients family members should be there as a support system. They should be there for the patient to confide in if they don’t feel comfortable with the staff of nurses. Family members and spouses are a resource for the nurses. They have been around the patient more and can alert the staff if there is a change in the patients’ behavior or condition a lot quicker. So, I take care of my family members and spouses as much as possible, because they are usually a big help to

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