Catholic School Prom Cancelled

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Catholic High School Prom Cancelled! One of the most significant memories of a high school student is the promenade, or as many people today calls it the prom. It can simply be defined as a formal gathering of high school students. A prom normally occurs at the end of one’s junior and/or senior year. Prom is supposed to be one of the last social gathers that you have with your fellow classmates. It is thought to be a very classy event that has been tampered with over time. Originally women dressed in very nice presentable gowns and males dressed in tuxedos. And parents didn’t spend thousands of dollars just for one night. Let’s just say that it’s not the same as it was before. Teens attend the event drunk and/or high, females wear very revealing dresses, and males wear tennis shoes. Just like music, fashion, TV shows, and the advancement in technology has changed so has prom. Prom as a whole has been destroyed from its original state. Kenneth Hoagland a principal, at Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale, has canceled the senior proms because he wants the students and the parents consider how they spend their money on preparation for the prom. Mr. Hoagland feels that it goes against the school and their Christians values to flaunt and waste all that money on a prom. I totally agree with what he is saying in today’s society prom goes against plenty of morals, values, and religion. Nonetheless there should be another social event for the student’s that is less flashy, expensive, and more conservative. If the prom is cancelled this year because it goes against the school and what it stands for then prom as a whole should be banned from the school. Prom does go against Christian laws such what you wear, what events that occur during and after prom, and the amount of time and money that is put into prom. Like for example a lot of males feel as though prom is
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