Catholic School/Community Leadership Essay

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Summative Piece. School and Community Relations May 4, 2012 Question 3. Distinguished by Excellence. In accordance with Catholic Canon Law, church documents, historical practices, a catholic school is characterized by excellence in education. One of the goals of the Council or Board (“Council”) of any catholic school is to be assistance in the creation and implementation of strategies to focus on the improvement and continued excellence in the school programming. The Council in conjunction with the school administration must provide direction to the school, its administration, teachers and parents with a current and future vision and long term goals for the continually improvement of the education provided to the students of the school. The Council must be comprised of individuals who are experienced in the present, and also able to plan for the future. In order for catholic schools to continue their tradition of excellence, the Council must help the school by identifying through the strategic planning process viable short term and long term goals for the school in the areas of Academic Development, Spiritual development, Professional Development. The Council must limit its focus to broad range review and planning, and the Council must keep its focus on the “big picture” and not get trapped in trying to manage the day to day operations of the school. The Council must be focused on modeling and promoting the mission and faith of the school community and must be committed to the continued growth and learning of the students through effective instruction and assessment techniques for both its students and educators. The Council must focus its attention on present and long term planning of viable goals in several keys areas to help its students and educators achieve this goal of academic excellence. The Council can particularly assist the school by

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