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Hoang 1 Paul Hoang AP English 3 Lang 7th October 15, 2011 Community Community, an easy word to read, easy to remember, easy to say, but is it an easy word to fully understand? One would have to experience a community and its effect on your life in order to understand it, not from some words in the dictionary. I belong to several communities, and many of those communities will come and go throughout my life. But one community has remained with me since the moment of my birth, and will remain with me until after death. I am a Catholic and I am a part of its large and diverse family. Catholicism connects people all over the world into one tight community. It is an old, experienced, and wise community, one with many traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. This is what a community should be like. I was born into this community and I live in it every single day. Its permanent, its like one of those things you cannot imagine being without. Even though I say all of this, I am not the best catholic out there. I was that problem child that always fell asleep, always talked, always played around, always doing whatever I could to entertain myself. I absolutely dreaded going to Sunday mass as a child. The feeling of having to wake up early on a weekend; getting dressed up; the tightness of dress shoes; smelling your mom’s hairspray and your dad’s heavy cologne; leaving the house late; having your mom Hoang 2 yell at your dad for checking the football score right before leaving; I never liked any of it. As I grew a little bit older, I started realizing that Sundays were not as bad as I thought they were as a child. I started paying attention and began to see the beauty of being a Catholic and being a part of its community. I noticed how kind and loving the church is. Priests are wise and calm, nuns are motherly and

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