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Cathloic Essay

  • Submitted by: rperaza16
  • on May 26, 2012
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Subcourse CH0816
United States Army Chaplain School
Fort Jackson, South Carolina 29207
5 Credit Hours
This subcourse teaches the current doctrine and procedures for setting up for a Catholic Mass and for certain Protestant worship services. These are the correct ways to set up and reflect common practice. However, some details of the set up will vary depending on the chaplain conducting the service. You should be prepared to modify these procedures if the chaplain requires.
There are no prerequisites for this subcourse.
This subcourse reflects the doctrine which was current at the time it was prepared. In your own work situation, always refer to the latest publications.
The words "he", "him", "his", and "men", when used in this publication, represent both the masculine and feminine genders unless otherwise stated.
TASKS: | Identify the actions necessary to set up a garrison chapel for a Catholic Mass, Collective Protestant Service, a Collective Protestant Communion Service, and toreturn the chapel to a neutral setting. |
CONDITIONS: | Given the material in this subcourse and a training scenario, the student will complete the examination at the end of this subcourse. |
STANDARDS: | The student will demonstrate comprehension and knowledge of this subcourse by achieving a minimum of 70% on a multiple-choice based examination for Subcourse CH0816 by identifying the actions needed to set up a garrison chapel for a Catholic Mass, a Collective Protestant Service, a Collective Protestant Communion Service, and to return the chapel to a neutral setting. |
Subcourse Overview |
Lesson 1: | Set up a Garrison Chapel for a Catholic Mass. |
| Part A: | Identify the Ecclesiastical Equipment Used for a Catholic Mass |
| Part B: | Identify the Actions Needed to Prepare and Set Up the Chapel for a Catholic Mass |
Practice Exercise |...

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