Catherine The Surgeon Surgery

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A serial killer was on the loose in Boston. The many victims were killed in an unforgettable disgusting way: cut with a scalpel on the stomach, the intestines and uterus removed, and then the throat sliced. The killer clearly has medical knowledge and has been given the nickname, The Surgeon. Detective Thomas Moore and his partner Rizzoli have discovered something that makes this case even more extreme. In Savannah, years ago, a serial killer murdered his victims in the exact same way. Ironic I’d say? However, he was finally stopped by his last victim who shot him when he tried to cut her; Catherine Cordell. However, the surgeon accomplice remained. Catherine Cordell worked as a cardiac surgeon at one of Boston’s prestigious hospitals. I would guess she is in her mid thirties. She has to have been a surgeon for several years. As the murders continue, it becomes obvious that “The Surgeon’s” accomplice is drawing closer and closer to Dr. Cordell, which is making her so frightened that she is nearly unable to function. Catherine has lived her last two years out of fear; however, she doesn’t show it. Catherine is the definition…show more content…
I think she would much rather be in her own home, safe. The movies she watched would definitely be comedies, nothing sad or horrifying that would make her have flashbacks to that horrible night in Savannah. The books and magazines Catherine would read would be about fitness; to help stay strong physically and emotionally. She would also read about self-health, to build her self-esteem and learn ways to gain more confidence. And even medical journals to advance in her career. I think Catherine’s choice in music would include oldies and country. I feel these songs would bring her back to memories of her favorite place; her grandparents cabin. A memory of home, a place where she felt

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