Catherine II laws Russia

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The first part of the assigned reading included a letter written by a French diplomat in Moscow. The second part included Catherine II's Proposals for a New Law Code for Russia. The following readings came out after Catherine II murdered her husband, which made her the next ruler of Russia. Her first plan was to modernize Russia like the current Western Cultures at the time period of 1762. She tried to do so by installing new laws in Russia. When she did so, this writing came out as a reaction to her new laws, although her laws were mostly directed to the top three percent of Russian society. The French Diplomat in Moscow was writing to a Europe audience to alert them on the news in Russia. The new laws that Catherine II placed were directed to raise Russia's power among the world. Examples of some of her laws to help Russia are The Possessions of the Russian Empire extend upon the terrestrial Globe to 32 Degrees of Latitude, and to 165 of Longitude. she has absolute power, and many more. She extended the size of Russia, and declared herself Supreme Ruler of Russia giving her much more power. Another reason of Catherine II's laws were to attempt to Westernize Russia. She even claims in her sixth law that Russia is a Europeon State. Catherine II's laws helped Russia become a force in the western cultures, although, she kick started a downhill slope to an increasing poverty in Russia. The laws were not very just to the citizens besides the high upper class. But Catherine II was a leading force in the remodeling of Russia. You can also see from this document signs of oppression the serfs. She did not even give them rights, directly stating it, which leads to Russia's future
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