Cather in the Rye Essay

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Alienation Holden Caulfield, an interesting man, shows that many people show phoniness and how Holden despises them to a point where he alienates them. This book shows many themes, one of them being revolving around alienation and phoniness. J.D. Salinger’s masterpiece The Catcher in the Rye shows throughout the book that Holden alienates himself from other people because he fears the phoniness of adults. Stradlater, Holden’s roommate, shows phoniness by how he is a “secret slob” also how it annoys Holden to where he gets into a fight with Stradlater over his sloppiness with Jane, which leads Holden to alienating him. Stradlater is a secret slob because as Holden says, “Stradlater was more of a secret slob. He always looked all right, Stradlater, but for instance, you should have seen the razor he shaved himself with. It was always rusty as hell and full of lather and hairs and crap” (35). This is showing Stradlater is a secret slob because he appears all right on the outside, but once someone gets to know him, they know he is slob. As shown by the book, his razor is full of hair, lather, and crap yet he does not care. He does not seem to care about how he keeps himself as long as he looks good on the outside. Stradlater gets into a fight with Holden, and Holden alienates himself from Stradlater by saying, “That’s just the trouble with you morons. You never want to discuss anything. That’s the way you can always tell a moron….Then he really let it go at me, and the next thing I knew I was on the goddam floor again” (58). This passage from the book shows how alienates himself from Stradlater by thinking he is a moron, and he is above him. Stradlater, not liking to being called a moron, throws a punch at Holden. The main reason Holden started the fight was to find out if the “slob” Stradlater had sex with Jane, whom he cared about. Because Holden did not find out,

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