Cathedral Critique

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The air does not move in St Andrews Cathedral. These are my initial thoughts as I watch the masses filing into the church. I had never been inside of an Episcopalian church before and for some reason, expected a more glamourous space. I figure it is just due to the fact that I grew up Catholic and from an architectural standpoint, churches in Hawaii pale in comparison to the monstrosities built on the East coast. Nonetheless, it is a comfortable space and I myself am comfortable. I am waiting for our choirs spot, in the middle of massive choral production. Winward Community College had been invited to sing at an event called No Na Pua or The Music of the People. We have to preform a song that for the past two months has been my kryptonite.…show more content…
For those like myself, who have never listened to a traditional Balinese song, Janger was one of the most unorthodox songs that I have ever heard. I am fairly certain that if there was a way to play Jingle Bells 100 times faster while simult, The classic, joyful, Christmas song would morph into the wild beast known as Janger. I mean that with the upmost respect as the piece really stuck out to me among the other songs. With Janger now caged and locked up, It was time to focus on Danny Boy. Day in and day out, Danny Boy has been a great challenge for me. When I first signed up for the class, I figured chorus would be an easy credit. I can memorize a couple songs, blend in with the group. No big deal. Boy was I wrong. Week after week would go by and I would feel like I was making very little progress. I would practice. Listen to the recordings. Sing the song. Even play the song on guitar. But for some reason I would not mesh well with the other singers in class. They say it takes 10000 hours of repetition before a behavior becomes a habit and at the moment my Itunes only shows 164 plays of Danny Boy. (HAHA)After about a month in, I had to be honest with myself and face the fact that choral singing is not easy at

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