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Molly McWilliams Professor Franklin ENGL-1020-LH9 6 February 2015 Analysis of the Themes in Cathedral “Cathedral” is a short story about a dissatisfied man who finally meets his wife’s close friend, Robert, who happens to be blind. During the story, the blind man teaches the husband a new way of seeing things, without physically being able to see. As this happens they begin to have a connection, which is very unexpected from the beginning. “Cathedral” strongly expresses language, marriage, and dissatisfaction throughout the story. Without these certain themes the meaning of this strong story would be greatly misunderstood. Language and communication are one of the main themes that pull the audience into this story. Robert being blind changes the whole concept of the story, and the audience is being forced to step into his shoes. Miscommunication tends to take place when the person is trying to announce something important. Sometimes it is difficult to express something important to one another because there’s a chance the other person might not be able to comprehend it well. Everyone has trouble communicating effectively at times, and Robert being blind shows a huge boundary. “Cathedral” suggests everyone to become creative, and always look at the other person’s perspective. Step across the boundaries, and always have hope even during hopeless scenarios. The theme “Marriage” ties along with the theme “Language and Communication.” Throughout the story, the husband and wife are obviously unhappy with one another. The husband tends to be confused as to why she cares so much for Robert, especially after his wife died. He seems to be very jealous and frustrated during the beginning of the story. She allows Robert to have all of her attention and it is obvious that the husband is uncomfortable with it. Towards the end of the story, the husband

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