Catfishing Essay

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The Ninth and Tenth Commandments [Southwestern Michigan Teachers’ Conference Grace Ev. Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, Michigan, March 19, 1982] by Thomas W. Haar From one point of view this study of the Ten Commandments is a dirty business— comparable to what lawyers must have to do. They must really learn to love their fellow man. So, too, you, in your study of the Law at teachers’ conferences, are no doubt really learning to love your fellow man. No doubt previous papers on the first eight commandments have probed into all the clean, bright, pleasant, and agreeable corners of the noble human psyche. It must have been thrilling to discuss man’s proclivity toward godliness, his predilection for worship, his fondness for spiritual truth, his love of obedience to authority, his inclination toward charity, his penchant for marital fidelity, his proneness to insistence upon absolute truth over against his neighbor, his immoderate concern for the inviol ability of his neighbor’s property. Perhaps any number of you could have been fairly twittering over the innate goodness of man. Did you raise your voices in rapturous paeans to the human spirit? Did you all recite together your Scout oaths and laws and pledge undying allegiance to the principles of humanism, legalism, and moralism? This likely will be your reaction today too, as we look at Bible characters like the rich fool, Achan, Ahab, Judas—and as we look ourselves in the heart! On the other hand, viewed from a Christological perspective, a study of the Commandments could be a genuinely happy endeavor. All of a sudden we’re no longer lawyers, engaged in legalisms, in indictments, prosecutions , defenses, convictions, appeals, etc., but we’re God’s redeemed children, heirs of heaven, kings, priests, saints, offering our bodies as living sacrifices, moved by the mercies of God, carrying lamps

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