Categorical Imperative Essay

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Categorical imperative is the idea that Kant developed for people to act morally. It is like a law that all humans have a duty to obey. Kant’s philosophy was based on two formulations, his first formulation is “Act only on that maxim whereby thou canst at the same time will that it should become a universal law.” this means that if you want to do something you must first see if this action can be a universal law or not. If you decided that a certain act is a good one then you should will that everyone is going to act in the same way that means the act must be universal. You must make sure that whatever act that you want to do you must first see if you can will that everyone can do this act or not if yes then it is moral to do it and you can do it, if no then it is not moral to do it and you can’t do it. The second formulation is that “the action must respect people as ends in themselves not treat them as means to an end” this means that you cannot cheat anyone to get a specific service, use them as means to your end, to your own benefit. When we discuss abortion in Kantian perspective we should analyze it by the categorical imperative two formulations. We should ask the woman that wants to have an abortion: would you will that every woman would have an abortion? If she said yes then it is moral to have an abortion, if no then it is not moral. By Kant’s theory it is apparent that the woman who will have an abortion cannot will that every pregnant woman have an abortion because that will destroy the human race, so by Kant’s theory this makes abortion irrational therefore immoral. So in order for abortion to be moral it must be rational according to Kant’s categorical imperative theory. The objection to this formulation is that the question is broad and there are certain circumstances that differs the reasons of an abortion, some are
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