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In the very beginning of Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen the main character is remembering the many experiences she has went through in the recent Hunger, a fight to the death broadcasted on live television that her and Peeta Mellark won. Normally there would be only one winner in the Hunger Games but Katniss created an elaborate plan to allow both her and Peeta to win. However, this plan was seen around the capital as an act of rebellion. It was her job to convince the people of Panem that her act of rebellion was just a desperate act to save her so called “love” Peeta. Katniss eventually fails to convince the Nation and a rebellion breaks out against the capital. Katniss of course is blamed and her family could get killed for her foolishness as punishment but she is determined to keep them safe. Every twenty-five years the game makers of the Hunger Games step it up to make things more interesting. This year as the 75th annual Hunger Games, all f the victors of the past must be provided as the tributes witch means once again, Katniss and Peeta must fight to the death once again. However, Katniss’s only intention is to allow Peeta to win the games and be crowned victor. There ends up being forty-nine victors instead of the usual twenty-four. Katniss forms an alliance with Finnick, a heartthrob known around the capital, Peeta, and Mags, one of the elderly victors from many years ago. Mags is killed by poisonus gas while the rest struggle with the side affects of the gas. They save themselves by washing the poison out with the salt water of the sea. Mutts that are half beast, half monkey attack the tributes but one of the other tributes saves Peeta from one with her life. Eventually, Katniss realizes that the arena itself is actually a clock and each hour holds something different. When Johanna parts in the alliance, her and Katniss aren’t too fond of

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