The Catcher In The Rye Essay

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Catcher in the rye essay Holden caulfiield is a very depressed, lonely character who seems to hide his feelings. He would was kicked out of school and walked around town durig late hours and wuld ac very bold. Holden was kicked out of of pency prep, he said that he was glad to be kicked out because he was un hsppy wit t rules . but then he was sad cabecaus eof his future he was came between makin the choice of either telling his parents about the wat had happened to him or, waitin for the dministators to go ahead and let his parents be notified through a ailed letter.what he did was talk on I would say a little escape. What holden did was decide to go back home a fews days early well be in town witou being seen for a few days uuntikl is parents got the letter from his school. So he checked in Edmont hotel. So while eing there he thought he go out and clear his mind by goin out to a night club. But he gets put down by a lady in the club and is also lets say rejected byt the bartender for a drink. So now holden starts to think more and more and figures that he really is lonely and depressed. It’s was kinda weird because egoin throught the book he would meet some gurls o take them out on a date but if the date was to get boring he would get to thinking about his highscholl crush, Jane Gallagher, . She wwas the reason why he went on these dates so that she wouldn’t be on is mind, but his fail. So holden was lonely and depressed who seems to need a girl in his life in order for him to really love his life. Gera : I chose to do the charaticer description and umm I used spark notes cause I only read like alf of the book…awesome book tho so far so if u ever get a chance read

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