Catcher in the Rye vs. Goodwill Hunting

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Jennifer Jacobitz Instructor: Young Comparison/Contrast Essay 21 November 2012 A Boy Genius and a Baby with a Silver Spoon The book, The Catcher in the Rye; and the movie, Goodwill Hunting; tell about moments in the lives of two emotionally trouble young men: Holden and Will. Both of these young men are born with great opportunities and advantages: Holden, with a silver spoon; and Will, an amazing photographic memory. Though they are rich in either wealth or intelligence, they suffer from certain insecurities and emotional blockades in life. Such include sever philophobia, low self-value, and sub-level motivation. These unfortunate complications that Holden and Will face in The Catcher in the Rye and Goodwill Hunting root from different sources, but effect them in similar ways. Both Holden and Will are afraid to trust and become attached to the people around them. They have both lost or have been mistreated by the people they were close to. Holden, for example, had a younger brother - Allie- who he was very close to. When Holden was about thirteen, Allie passed away; causing him to become incredibly distant and angry (39). Holden pushes people away, and never allows them to get close to him because he's afraid to loose them like he lost Allie. This phobia of relationships is also partially the reason he is consistently getting kicked out of schools. He doesn't want to become to familiar with the places or the people; thus, protecting himself from another painful loss. Similarly, in-order to protect himself, Will doesn't allow people to get too close to him. However, it's not because he lost someone he loved. It's because when he was a child, the people that were supposed to love and care for him, abused him. Such people included his foster father. The abuse he suffered altered his view of love and friendships with people; including his girlfriend. For
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