Catcher in the Rye Short Booksummary Essay

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"Catcher In The Rye " is a coming-of-age novel by J.D Salinger based on a young teen named Holden Caulfield during the 1940's to early 1950's in New York City . The novel is narrated by Holden, and is also told from his point of view. Holden's tone throughout the book shows disgust against the adult world. Holden thinks that adults are the biggest liars and phonies known. The tone is also based join alienation. In which Holden could not adapt to certain situations concerning individuals as displayed throughout the novel. The story begins with Holden in Pennsylvania telling the audience about his adventurous weekend in New York after being dismissed from Pencey Prep, which is located in Pennsylvania. Holden reveals his main conflict, in which he wants to reject the adult world yet he wants to be apart of it. He displays such behavior when he retreats to his childish ways in almost every mature situation however, he makes decisions as if he were an adult. Few examples are , when he chose to go to a bars in New York City and have drink with adults, when he smoked cigarettes, and lastly when he tried to pursue a prostitute, All of these situations come down to Holden making adult decisions although did not have an adult mindset. The rising action is revealed during his interactions with other people and how he dealt with certain situations. Holden's internal conflict was him being stuck between his adulthoodand his childhood. Which is, the difficult task of being a teenager. Transitioning into an adult isn't always results. Especially since Holden had a hard time overall finding himself since he didn't really have much interest in anything. There are many possibilities that can be drawn to as a conflict, however they all link to the same topic ,

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