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Catcher in The Rye Project “ He started off with about fifty corny jokes, just to show us what a regular guy he was. Very big deal. Then he started telling us how he was never ashamed, when he was in some kind of trouble or something, to get right down on his knees and pray to God. He told us we should always pray to God- talk to Him and all- wherever we were. He told us we ought to think of Jesus as our buddy and all. He said he talked to Jesus all the time. Even when he was driving his car. That killed me. I can just see that big phony bastard shifting into first gear and asking Jesus to send him a few more stiffs.” Page 16-17 -This quote takes place when Holden makes up this lie about how he has to go back to the gym locker to grab all his belongings and this lie brings up his memory of the phony man, Ossenburger. Ossenburger is the first "phony" Holden goes into detail about. Everything we hear about him reveals hypocrisy. In his profession, for example, Ossenburger runs discount funeral parlors that take advantage of grieving families, though he stresses to the students that they should have integrity and pray devoutly. More disturbing to Holden than Ossenburger's phoniness, though, is the school's hypocrisy. None of the parading or speeches would occur if Ossenburger hadn't given Pencey money to buy a new dorm. “Then he said, "I had the privilege of meeting your mother and dad when they had their little chat with Dr. Thurmer some weeks ago. They're grand people." "Yes, they are. They're very nice." Grand. There's a word I really hate. It's a phony. I could puke every time I hear it.” Page 9 -While all of Holden’s classmates are at the “big” football game, Holden decides he has to go visit his teacher, Mr. Spencer. The reason why Holden didn’t want to go to the football game was that his fencing team was mad at him for forgetting the gear while they were

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