Catcher In The Rye Literary

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Mitchell Kagan 02/16/11 Mrs. Slender PD : 4 Catcher In the Rye Literary terms/Literary theory Aphorism- Horowitz/82 - “The fish don't go no place . They stay right where they are , the fish. Right in the Goddamn lake” Explanation- Horowitz tries to explain to Holden that if someone is destined for something, they stay with their destiny. Bias- Holden/25 - “No your not .“Boy,he could really be aggravating sometimes. He never missed a chance to let you know that you were sixteen and he was eighteen. In the first place I wouldn't let you in my family. Explanation- Holden tries to explain how he has a very particular bias to individuals that try to act as if they are adults, but really they were just kids. Irony-Holden/13- “One of the biggest reasons I left Elton Hills was because I was surrounded by phonies” Explanation- Holden constantly calls everyone in his life a phony, when in reality, Holden is the real phony. Theme- The Phoniness Explanation- Holden constantly sees people in the book as “Phony” and most of the time he appears to be right. Most of the characters in the book so far such as Stradlater and Ackley, appear to be phoneys due to the fact that they do and say things that don’t reflect their appearances. Voice- Stradlater/44 - “Shut up now Holden ,” he said with his big stupid red face “Just shut up now” Explanation- This shows how angry Stradlater was from Holden calling him a moron. =This shows how his anger begins to foster, and is eventually used in way to inflict Holden. Literary Theory Psycological- “Old Allies Baseball mitt” Explanation- This is a very deep psychological symbol showing how Holden can not simply let go of his memories, there fore to preserve those memories he keeps his brothers baseball glove. This is also a psychological symbol of the little bit of happiness Holden has left
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