Catcher in the Rye Journal Assignment

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Catcher in the Rye: Journal Assignment Throughout the novel, Holden uses his isolation from society as a form of protection. He feels as if he is excluded from society, has no purpose in life and is constantly trying to find meaning for his existence. As the novel progresses, readers see that Holden uses his sense of superiority as a way to cover up his insecurities. Holden feels that because he is better than everyone else, there is no reason to interact with them. However, even though Holden acts emotionless he does have feelings but expresses them differently. Holden also negatively characterizes people frequently, for example: Holden states that he finds Ackley very annoying and repulsive. However because of his longing for any source of human connection, he eventually befriends him and even asks Ackley to go to the movies with him. Holden is an emotionally unstable person and often finds himself in turmoil with his feelings. On one side Holden’s interest in human interactions drive him to find and build relationships of his own, but on the other hand he uses his alienation as a wall of protection from outside forces. An instance of this is when he goes on a date with Sally Hayes; his solitude forces him to crave love and affection from another human being but his isolation and fear of being hurt from another person cause him to drive off people easily. In conclusion we learn that Holden feels isolated from everyone and everything. In spite of living a seemingly happy life and going to one of the best schools in the country, Holden hates everything and everyone and believes everyone is fake. Holden’s sense of superiority is just a veil to cover his insecurities and his social criticism of everyone are just ways to project his negative qualities onto another person to make himself feel
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