Catcher in the Rye and Bad Day

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Catcher In The Rye and “Bad Day” The Song “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter explains someone going through a bad day. The Catcher in the Rye explains the story of a young boy who goes through a bad life. The song and this book are closely knit together because they both explain a segment of someone’s life that is far from perfect. Holden (the main character in The Catcher in the Rye) goes through many bad days in his life time. In the beginning of the book you read how Holden gets kicked out of Pencey Prep (located in Agerstown, PA). Later you find him standing outside in the cold because someone stole his coat a week before. The reader will also see how Holden forgets the fencing teams equipment on the subway when going to a tournament in New York. You also see how Holden has an annoying next-door neighbor and a roommate who dates the girl Holden likes. As Holden visits his elderly teacher, Mr. Spencer, he notices that he is sick and just lectures Holden on how he should apply himself more to his studies. Holden regrets that he went to visit the teacher. While Ackley, Holden’s next-door neighbor, is in his room, Holden opens up the closet door to give Ackley scissors. A tennis racquet falls out and hits Holden on the head. While Holden’s roommate is on the date with Holden’s’ crush, he asks Holden to write his English composition for him. Holden ends up ripping the composition in half because his roommate doesn’t like it. Holden then gets into a fight with his roommate over how his roommate took advantage of the girl Holden likes. Holden wants to sleep in Ackley’s roommates’ bed but Ackley doesn’t give him permission. When Holden leaves later that night, no one notices. With all these reason, anyone can see how Holden lives his life as one bad day to the next bad day. The Catcher in The Rye could also be re-titled as “Holden’s Bad

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