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Character Analysis Paper Catcher In The Rye In the novel of “Catcher In The Rye” the main character (protagonist) of the story is Holden Caulfield. A teenage boy that has been kicked out of another high school in which he didn’t put forth the effort, and how he wonders around the city of New York trying to find himself. In the story he tells about all the people around him whether they be at school or people he has known in some part of his life. He describes these other major or minor characters around him as “ phonies” or just ordinary people as the events happen or when he meets these people along his trip. Holden Caulfield can be described as a very different, confused, young adult, boy going through life not really knowing what is going on around him. As he is venturing through the great city of New York, he starts to learn things and how he is growing into adulthood. He can also be described as a different person from the other characters in the story by ways he acts towards things around him. In the story, Holden wearing a red hunting hat is a good example of him wanting to be different from the others around him. He is a very lonely, emotional person when it comes to major or minor events that happen to him. In the story, he uses the phrases “depressed or depressing” to show his emotional actions as toward seeing things and how he feels inside himself. The meeting of the nuns and the story of his brother, Allie, also emphasizes on his feelings on the inside and out. Most relationships between Holden and the characters in the novel are not what you call great ones. Some of the characters like Stradlater have a love, hate relationship with Holden and others like Mr. Antolini were very helpful ones. From reading the novel you would say that Holden is not only fighting the people around him (society), but he

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