Catcher In The Rye

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“The Catcher in the Rye” In this book Catcher in the Rye written by J.D Salinger, Holden Caulfield the protagonist and narrator is a teen that struggles a lot with society. Some people think Holden is a conceited snob, while others view Holden as a Christ like figure. In my opinion Holden is a Christ like figure; he does do some things and says things that do make it sound as if he really is a Christ like figure. For example he stayed a virgin even though he had the opportunity to lose his virginity; this for most religions represents purity. And another thing he says is that he wants to be a “catcher in the Rye” to save the kids lives so that they won’t fall off the cliff. I don’t think Holden is as perfect as he wants to be I think he only judges people and calls them a phony, because he probably does things like they do that he hates doing himself. There’s parts in the book were Holden acts like a phony and sometimes is a hypocrite , he contradicts himself, for example when he tells he hates the movies but then again he also tells that he likes attending them with her sister and with his friends. I can’t say Holden is a phony because he judges people in his mind and he admits he’s a liar, his attitude is like many people. Yes Holden does criticize people a lot but he never tells them and he never hurt anyone. Holden does show comparison throughout the book, invites a prostitute over to his hotel room. Instead of paying her for sex, he feels bad for the prostitute and pays her without having sex with her. Holden also tells a mother of a real jerk that her son is a real good, popular kid. This may be seen as lying, but he made someone’s day. Holden loves his sister because she’s not a phony like the others. I don’t think it was Salinger’s intention to make Holden a Christ like figure because Holden mostly talks about his issues with
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