Catcher In The Rye

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May, 02 ,2011 FCAs: Format- 5 paragrpahs essay with CEST introduction, including a strong thesis, 2 TEIEICI body paragraphs, a paragraph explining why it is important to understand the symbol while reading, and a RUSH conclusion; in addition, make sure your evidence is backed up solid interpretation of the symbol you have chosen. Vocabulary- please use 6 different vocabulary words you learned during the catcher unit correctly in your paper. Underline these words. (60 pts) Grammar- use at least two dependent clause at the begginign of a sentence, and two depepndet clauses at the end of a sentence, puntiated them correcl with or without commas. Undeline the dependent clauses. (40 pts). Symbolism in the catcher in the rye In the book the catcher in the rye is about a young man named Holden. School has never been the thing for our main character Holden. Holden has been kicked out of many of the best boarding schools, and thinks that the everyone is phony. Holden’s problem is that he is always hiding his feelings and mood. Holden is always judging people and calls them phony. Sine the beginning of the book Holden has showed us that a red hunting hat the he wears most of the time is significant to him and has value on his opines, for the reason that its always on his possession. Holden’s red hunting hat represents has feelings and mood, and without that hat the parts were Holden feels that his emotions change are not indicated in this way then the reader would lose a major part of what creates Holden. The hat is representing Holden’s emotional state. In the Catcher In the Rye the red hunting hat that Holden wears most of the time is representing his feelings and his mood.. In addition, I think that is shows Holden’s feelings and mood because of what Holden’s actions are at specific moments when he wears that hat. The red hunting hat that Holden wears
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