Catch Me If Up Can Essay

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Catch Me If You Can Your first paragraph (4-5 sentences) for this assignment should answer the following questions: • What is the general mood/tone of the scene? What emotions does the director want to convey? How does the cinematography convey meaning? • Make sure you mention the title of the film in paragraph #1. Your second paragraph (7-10 sentences) should answer the following questions: • How does the depth of field, camera movement and color contribute to these emotions? • Make sure you use specific examples from the scene in your answer. Your third paragraph (5-7 sentences) should answer the following questions: • How do these elements of cinematography contribute to the emotional impact of the scene? How does the cinematography contribute to character development and story? The film, Catch Me If You Can, general mood and tone seems to be a combination of seriousness and ominous. The director shows that he is trying to convey emotions of depression and fear of the caged character. On the other hand, the other characters that were speaking to the caged character, spoke with calmness then quickly turning to aggression. The film quickly showed how the director wanted the audience to portray the film. With the mixture of lighten, sound and attitude of the characters, it brings meaning to the cinematography of the film. When getting more into the film, the use of focus becomes very deep. One can tell that the director wanted you to start paying attention to just whoever is talking, no one else around them. With the help of the use of focus, the film was zoomed in, helping more with letting the audience focus on certain characters. During the first time the caged character escaped, the camera movement started to speed up. That process showed how the other characters were worried. The colors in the film started to express the actions in the film. The

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