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Ira Mandella Eng 300 Essay #4 10-27-07 Catch 22 The United states is known to be a country where life is longer, freer, and richer. The fact of this reality is both a result and cause of the competition that is part of every aspect of our lives now. In resent years the importance level of constant competition has risen. The high standards of the past are no longer high enough; this gap is growing exponentially. Though this nation has made countless achievements, these improvements do have a price. In the Words of essayist and former public scholar Daniel Akst “We’re victims of our own success” (47). To truly understand this statement one must analyze the definition of success. For an individual…show more content…
Success requires that there are those who achieve it and those who don’t, winners and losers per say. The winners are dependant upon those beneath them for them to be able to stay afloat. Those at the top percentiles of income would not be able to accomplish what they have through out their life time without those at the low end of the spectrum. A common belief in the U.S is that people at any end of the spectrum have the right to attempt to obtain large fortunes, and also to attend any college including ivy Leagues universities. There is a drive to achieve greatness within us all yet we cannot all have our dreams come true. With every individual born into the world yearning to Mandella 5 comprise a life of wealth, power, status, the competition will only get increasingly fierce. It will be much more difficult for ones goals to become reality because of the reality of some goals that have already taken place. Our own ambition to do well has created obstacles that future generations will maneuver through to succeed which will in turn further the complexity of the situation for their m fspring-catch
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