Catbird Seat Plot Summary

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plot Summary The Catbird Seat is a story of a man who is so disturbed by a change in his life that he plans to commit murder. The main Character Mr. Martin files papers for an accounting firm. As you can tell from his job Mr. Martin is a very dull man. During the 22 years that he has worked with F&S accounting he has fallen into a steady routine. Two years ago his employer Mr. Fitweiler hired a young woman, Ms. Ulgine Barrows, as a Special Advisor. Ms. Barrows disrupts Martin抯 daily routine and causes him to enter a state of panic and paranoia. Mr. Martin then plans to go over to Ms. Barrows home and murder her. Unfortunately his plan had a few fatal flaws. As Mr. Martin arrives at her house he is visibly shaken and obviously nervous. He greets Ms. Barrows with a stammered excuse for his arrival. Ms. Barrows is obviously surprised but greets Martin warmly nonetheless. As Ms. Barrows goes to fetch some drinks Martin looks around for a murder weapon. He finds a few things in the room like a letter opener, but none of them will do the job. Ms. Barrows returns and Martin has to quickly change his plans. He makes up a story and tells Ms. Barrows that he is going to kill their employer. He also admits that he is using heroin and will be high when he 揵lows that old goat sky high.� Ms. Barrows asks him to leave her house and Martin leaves with a smirk on his face. The next day at work Martin is called into his employer抯 office. His employer tells him that Ms. Barrows had reported his plans this morning. Their employer believes that Ms. Barrows has gone crazy due to being overworked and lets Martin go back to work and fires Ms. Barrows. In the end, Martin got rid of Ms. Barrows although it was in a different way than he
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