Catagorizing Vulnerabilities Essay

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Categorizing Vulnerabilities This assessment will focus on the community’s strategies that relate to our economic security. The assessment will help the community understand economic security and vulnerability issues that impacts the community. With the community’s help the Health Clinic could run safely and without threats. The clinic has to consider not just the severity of the possible impacts but the likelihood of the event occurring. When severity and the likelihood combine that is how the risk factor is determined. The community’s vulnerabilities which consist of the people, their property, infrastructure, and neighborhoods that are exposed to crime or impact from a hazardous event will also have to be considered. The likelihood of an event is defined as the frequency of an occurrence and they can either be rare events or more frequent events depending upon how many years apart they are (MOPS 2004). The vulnerabilities will include hazard risks as well as economic security since the Health Clinic is located in the hot, dry desert. No one can plan for every hazardous event but the people can plan for the most important hazards. The planning will help the community update the emergency plan, help the clinic prepare for hazards and put budgets in order for a cost effective emergency plan. The planning will consist of both qualitative and quantitative methods which will determine ratings for various hazard risks. Each vulnerability and risk is rated from very low to very high. This assessment will help identify the hazards being either low or high. High risks are forest fires, urban wild land fires, and human diseases. One way to reduce the risks of fires getting out of control is having a full - time firefighter along with a fire chief at the fire station at all times. Social vulnerability should be the key element of any emergency plan since types of

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