Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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Tennessee Williams Play Response Play Title: ____________Cat on a Hot Tin Roof____________________________________ Characters’ Desires & Isolation (List each major character followed by his/her desires and nature of isolation.) Maggie-love, outcast of family Brick-escape from reality, alcohol Big Daddy- wants other women, not knowing he is dying Big Mama-love, not being able to unify the family Setting Description via Stage Set (Give a brief paragraph description of the overall setting.) The play takes place in the summer during the mid-1950s. The setting is in the bed and sitting room of Big Daddy's Mississippi mansion. (Offer a lengthier paragraph discussion of how the stage set impacts the meanings in the play.) Symbolism (List the major symbols from the play followed by their meanings and one quoted example.) Brick’s crutch- It symbolizes his general weakness, his inability to be whole. The noise and commotion of the crutch draw attention to his constant trips for more liquor. Brick either drops the crutch or has it taken from him during the course of the play. “I don’t want to lean on your shoulder, I want my crutch!” Cat- symbolizes femininity and feminine desire. “Maggie the cat is—Alive!” Alcohol- Brick’s escape from reality. Alcohol gives him a place of peace. “It hasn’t happened yet, Maggie… the click I get in my head when I’ve had enough of this stuff to make me peaceful” Themes (at least two) (Compose a paragraph per theme.) One theme of the play is mendacity, a word Brick uses to describe his disgust with the world. Brick is hiding something in his emotional life that he cannot bear to look at closely-until he is forced to by Big Daddy. Sometimes the distinction between truth and falsehood is obscured by the fact that each character sees the others through the
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