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Casual Factors Essay

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  • on March 25, 2013
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Causal Risk Factors: Recognizing and Understanding Causes
GCU: 513
March 13, 2011

Causal Risk Factors: Recognizing and Understanding Causes
Recognizing and understanding the causes of Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EBD) are necessary when developing successful interventions and prevention strategies. Research has been unable to confirm or demonstrate any specific factors that cause EBD; however, causal risk factors seem to coincide with EBD. These specific risk factors are categorized in one of two groups: internal (biological) or external (family, school, and culture) (Yell, Meadows, Drasgow, and Shriner, 2009). Internal risk factors include a person’s individualities, whereas external risk factors include school, family and culture. These influences will affect children differently depending on their stage of development and the extent of the risk factor.   Children require a variety of exposures and social interaction depending on their stage of development. The more risk factors a child experiences as well as the degree of exposure; the increased chances of behavioral, social, or emotional problems. (Yell, et al, 2009).
Risk Factors
The physical (physiological) make up of a person’s body and mind (psychological) can attribute to a child’s risk factors.   Thus, cognitive weaknesses, difficulty focusing or hyperactivity are three biological effects.   Cognitive difficulties cause further issues with social relationships, problem-solving skills, and behavioral irregularities (Yell, et al, 2009). Students demonstrating hyperactivity combined with concentration problems more than likely have difficulty focusing during lectures and struggle socially. Frustration usually builds up due to the academic and social gaps EBD students are experiencing, which leads to challenging behaviors. Students influenced by negative conditions at home are at risk to fit the criteria of EBD.   Negative home environments may include: financial problems, verbal or...

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