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Compare and contrast the status and treatment of women In Castro’s Cuba and in Hitler’s Germany women were important although in different ways. The different cultural views highlight the different roles of women. In Germany, they were important for being housewives and mothers as Hitler encouraged the three K’s of Kinder, Kirche, Kucke; children, church and kitchen. In Cuba on the other hand, women were treated more similarly to men regarding the employment although there was still the glass ceiling and some stereotypes were still in place. In Cuba women had more of an important role in the country, as they were more involved in the government. Furthermore, there were also similarities and contrasts in employment, and education. In both countries, the role of women was very important. In Castro’s Cuba, women were regarded more as people compared to Germany as with the 1976 constitution, it was declared that women have equal rights to men. In Nazi Germany women were glorified and had an important role although it was as housewives and mothers, which is the biggest contrast between the two states. In Cuba, women took part in the politics and made up 44% of the CDR members in 1963; although they occupied the lower roles in politics, they were still present whereas in Germany, from 1933 no female membership was allowed in the Reichstag. Although women were valued in both states, they were valued in very different ways, in Castro’s Cuba they were valued more as people and showed greater presence in the government while in Nazi Germany, their status was focused more on them being purely housewives and mothers. Women were treated differently in regards to education as Castro encouraged women to attend university while Hitler later on placed a quota at 10% for women to join universities. In Castro’s Cuba, women were encouraged in attending university and schools

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