Castration And Judges

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KEITH MOORE CASTRATION AND JUDGES 11/3/11 JADM Week 2 Assignment Castration is defined as being rendered impotent or to deprive of vitality especially by psychological means. For men it is to deprive of the testes and for females to deprive of the ovaries. There have been lots of questions being raised about castration being used as punishment for criminals like rapists, and child molesters. I myself find this interesting because until I researched the topic I learned that there are two ways of castration which are surgically and chemically. Usually when castration comes to mind most people think of the chopping off of a person’s private parts. Chemical castration is where a weekly injection of a female hormone is used to help control a man’s urge for sex. In 1997, the Florida legislature passed a law that REPEAT rapist should undergo this form of castration. The law also gave judges the option to give the same sentence to first time offenders. Since then 2,800 rapists were convicted and sent to jail, including one hundred and twenty-one who raped repeatedly. Because this law was passed it became mandatory for repeat offenders, however only eight of those offenders were sentenced to chemical castration. Around the country there are increasingly severe sex offender laws that are convincing criminals to take drastic measures to try to prove that they are fit to be in our society. As drastic as resorting to a treatment so brutal that it hasn’t been in use in the justice system for decades. This is known as voluntary castration and was first offered in the state of Texas for repeat offenders. Since then repeat offenders in states like Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Arkansas have requested or received the surgery to get a reduced sentence. With the treatments available surgical castration is the most controversial and the most severe. This form of castration
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