Castle Restaurant Essay

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Castle Business Plan Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage III Susanna Vilim DeVry University HRM-340 1 Castle Business Plan Table of Contents Item Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Page # 2 3- 4 5 Company Review 6- 7 Business Analysis 8 - 11 HRIS Type/Comparison 12 - 14 HRIS Recommendation 15 - 17 Conclusion 18 Bibliography 19 2 Castle Business Plan Executive Summary Castle’s Family Restaurant being the successful family owned chain of restaurants completing in a dynamic yet economically challenged environment is to be commended. To continue to achieve the strategic business objectives of living out the corporate mission and expanding the current chain, the business plan set forth in detail will address current challenges being faced in payroll processes and the recommendations in addressing each of these needs so that the organization can meet and exceed current and future goals. Jay Morgan, operations manager, currently carries the responsibilities associated with payroll activities. Payroll processes are vital to the organization and the risks associated with implementing these activities are high. Implementing an automated Human Resource Information System (HRIS) will mitigate these risks and in turn will be beneficial to current and future objectives in growing the organization. Currently Castles utilize Compeat to address other aspects of the business; the recommendation set forth suggests Payroll and Workforce add-ons, which will integrate seamlessly with the current environment. The solution is cost effective and will reduce the opportunity of human error. The solution will also align departmental responsibilities and afford Mr. Morgan the time needed to implement the operational activities, which drive corporate goals and objectives. The
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